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Our award winning spa Bluewater Sports & Health Club is not just some dime-a-dozen fitness resort. Enjoy the warm welcome to a stylish sports club that is without parallel anywhere in the country. Beach volleyball and waters sports for lovers of the outdoors; pools, a sauna complex an  gym for those who prefer the great indoors. But the good life would not be good enough without a glass of champagne together with good friends. Entrance to the spa is included in some packages. otherwise you can make a reservation at

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Our talented skin therapists are based on your individual needs to create the best results.

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A moment for your body and soul. Get ready and enjoy a well-being massage

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Here you will find lovely body treatments for everything from head to toe.

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For those who want a little of each. A lovely body scrub followed by half-body massage and final facial cleansing

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’’ Very nice Very nice and fresh, lovely pools o fantastic good food o nice service
Would definitely recommend this place
Ylva Svenlin
Sauna ritualBehandling

Choose from a hot and cleansing sauna ritual or scrubbing in the steam room. In addition to a wonderful experience and mental relaxation, you also get an ultimate detox with renewed energy and increased blood circulation.Minimum 5 participants. Maximum  10-13 participants

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Spa RitualSparitual

Best tip to get a really great experience at the spa! Relax with a restful spa ritual with products from Kerstin Florian. You your self follow a small guide that guides you through several beneficial, energizing and profound steps that give your body renewed vitality and harmony.

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Workout gym & exercise

Gym and exercise includes for you as a member, hotel guest and also in our different spa packages.
We also have workout classes. Please contact the hotel for a schedule.
Age limit 16 years.

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Our obstacle course
challenge you friends

Obstacle course requires both stamina and courage, but it is enough with a good basic condition to be involved. The most important is your mind set.
Training is at your own risk. Age limit 16 years.

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