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Stenungsbaden Yacht Club wants to contribute to a better and more sustainable world and works actively with the global sustainability goals. Running a hotel affects the climate. Therefore, Stenungsbaden together with Strawberry hotels takes a great responsibility for the environment and society around us. This means that we must not only comply with the authority’s requirements – we must lead the development towards a green society. For us, this means that we should work towards becoming:

Strawberry has mapped how our hotels in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Lithuania affect the environment and society around them. We have listened to our guests, suppliers and representatives of important social functions. After that, we have defined a number of main areas that we will place extra emphasis on in our sustainability work.


The main areas are:

  • Diversity among employees
  • Ethical and sustainable trade in our supply chains
  • Local social responsibility in our neighbourhood
  • Environment
  • Good, healthy and sustainable food


We must create opportunities for people inside and outside our business. We must run the business with the least possible impact on the environment. We want to make our guests feel a little better when they check out than when they check in.

WeCare is part of our identity and of our culture. We are proud of that.


This means that we should not just follow the regulatory requirements – we must lead the development into a green society.


Running a hotel impacts the climate. That is why, together with Nordic Choice Hotels, Stenungsbaden takes special responsibility for our surrounding environment. This means that not only do we comply with government requirements – we will lead the development to a green society. For us, that means working towards becoming:

  • A climate-neutral company
  • A business with no environmentally toxic emissions
  • A company that builds and runs hotels with no negative impact on biological diversity.

We care about the environment. At Stenungbaden, we are both Swan-labelled and certified according to ISO 14001. We work continuously to reduce energy consumption, waste, chemicals, transport and water. We serve healthy and sustainably produced food to our guests. The demand for palm oil is increasing globally and is leading to the destruction of rainforests to make room for more and larger palm plantations. The greenhouse effect, animal life and human rights issues are negatively affected by this. We have therefore chosen to boycott all palm oil that is not sustainably produced.


For a sustainable tourism industry in West Sweden

The sustainability club is West Sweden's joint initiative for a sustainable hospitality industry. Let yourself be inspired by the initiatives of others and feel free to contribute with your own examples. Together we make West Sweden an example.

Till Hållbarhetsklivet

- sustainable hotel stay

På Stenungsbaden Yacht Club är är det en självklarhet att arbeta med miljöfrågor. Vi arbetar kontinuerligt med att reducera energiförbrukningen, avfallet, kemikalier, transporter och vatten.

Atom Sponsorship Molekylverkstan

The inspiration party is based on activities in the natural sciences, mathematics and technology and is best suited for those who are 6-12 years old. Glass or cake and sweets are included and because we want everyone to have the opportunity to celebrate their birthday with us, the party costs nothing.

sustainable hotel management

At Stenungsbaden, we are both Svanen-labeled and certified according to ISO 14001.

Food revolution

We want to serve good food experiences. That's why we invest in sustainable food, which means sustainable fish and meat as well as eggs from happy hens. We serve healthy and sustainably produced food to our guests. Whenever possible, we use organic and preferably from the local area. We serve MSC-labeled food and have neither red-listed fish nor meat where the animal suffered unnecessarily on the menu. Everything is also served on smaller plates, which results in less food waste.

Frre from palm oil

All Strawberry Hotels are palm oil free. Our supply chains are evaluated and thinned out. We have phased out all bad palm oil from our food and thus the rainforest is allowed to remain instead of being razed to make way for palm oil plantations.


Stenungsbaden is often the first workplace for many in our area. Entry-level jobs to make it easier for newcomers to enter the labor market, which we do in collaboration with the Labor Market Unit in Stenungsund municipality. Our workplace is professional - but at the same time cheerful - filled to the brim with pure joy and exuberant energy. Diversity among our employees is a matter of course.

Local social responsibility

We work long-term with CSR and to support various activities and projects that contribute to a sustainable society at various levels. It is important to be a good citizen, a good Stenungsundare, a good neighbor.

Lonely Christmas Tree

We collect Christmas gifts for children who don't have it so easy. We at Stenungsbaden have had a collaboration for many years with the Pelikan through the Church of Sweden in Stenungsund
We want to be responsible actors and good neighbours.

Ethical trade

Delivering fantastic hotel experiences, produced with consideration for people and the environment, is important to us. Our suppliers undertake to follow our environmental certifications and policies. Within the chain, we have a whistle blower channel where employees, suppliers and guests can report suspicions of illegal actions or violations of our ethical guidelines.

100% renewable energy

Stenungsbaden is powered by 100% renewable energy. Most of our heat is produced in the mountain. Geothermal heating was installed in 2009.