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Stenungsbaden, which is owned by Nordic Choice Hotels, works in the long term with CSR and to support various activities and projects that contribute to a sustainable society at different levels. Driving hotels affects the climate. Therefore, Stenungsbaden and Nordic Choice Hotels want to take special responsibility for the environment around us.


This means that we should not just follow the regulatory requirements – we must lead the development into a green society.


Running a hotel impacts the climate. That is why, together with Nordic Choice Hotels, Stenungsbaden takes special responsibility for our surrounding environment. This means that not only do we comply with government requirements – we will lead the development to a green society. For us, that means working towards becoming:

  • A climate-neutral company
  • A business with no environmentally toxic emissions
  • A company that builds and runs hotels with no negative impact on biological diversity.

We care about the environment. At Stenungsbaden, we are both Nordic Ecolabelled and environmentally certified in  compliance

with ISO 14001. We work continuously to reduce energy and water consumption, waste, chemicals and  transports. We serve our guests healthy and sustainably  produced food. Demand for palm oil is rising globally and  results in rainforest deforestation, in order to create more and larger palm oil farms. The greenhouse effect, animal life and human rights issues are all negatively impacted by this. We have therefore chosen to boycott all palm oil that is not  sustainably produced. Our GREEN STAY concept will remain with you throughout the hotel: in the room, lobby and restaurant; at breakfast and in the spa; and during your conference with seasonal food, fair trade coffee, organic breakfasts and more. With support from the Sweet Dreams project in  collaboration with UNICEF, we are helping children who are victims of human trafficking to get a good night’s sleep.  When you stay with us, you can choose to help

Karma helps us save food – a success for the environmen


Our guests are environmentally aware and appreciate when we take greater environmental responsibility. Through the collaboration with Karma, guests can buy today’s lunch at Stenungsbaden for half the price or less. Through a few simple clicks in the app Karma saved food that would otherwise have been thrown in.

Our guests are asking for healthy and sustainable food. Since 2013, Nordic Choice Hotels has been actively working to serve more sustainable food by increasing the proportion of fruit and vegetables, fish and shellfish at the expense of mainly red meat. Since the guests’ behavior has changed and it is served considerably more fish and shellfish, Nordic Choice Hotels as the first hotel company in the Nordic region has been certified according to an international standard for sustainable and certified fish and shellfish. All in order to contribute to a more healthy marine environment.

One third of all food produced in the world is discarded. In Sweden alone, 500,000 tonnes of edible food are discarded each year, which corresponds to the same climate impact as the emissions from 400,000 cars annually. The food waste issue is important for Stenungsbaden, which is part of Nordic Choice Hotels



Nordic Choice Hotels has been a partner of UNICEF since 2008. During these ten years, the hotel group has donated nearly SEK 35 million to UNICEF. The Christmas gift collection is one of several initiatives run by the hotels with the aim of making their own neighborhood an even better place


make children dream sweet

Working with children exposed to trafficking is a commitment that has long been the heart of Nordic Choice Hotels


Working at environmental issues is a must for us at Stenungsbaden Yacht Club. We work continuously to reduce energy consumption, waste, chemicals, transport and water.

Vegetable cultivation
Vegetable cultivation

F&B manager Mattias Nordevik with his team has created a garden on the roof. 4 cubic meters of soil is in place and as soon as the spring there will be salad and spices in the green oasis.

Sweet dreams
Sweet dreams

Nordic Choice Hotels has been a partner of UNICEF since 2008. During these ten years, the hotel group has donated nearly SEK 35 million to UNICEF. The Christmas gift collection is one of several initiatives run by the hotels with the purpose of making their own neighborhood a better place. Unicef's Sweet Dreams project, which helps give children exposed to trafficking a safe night's sleep.

Atom Sponsorship Molekylverkstan

The inspiration party is based on activities in the natural sciences, mathematics and technology and is best suited for those who are 6-12 years old. Glass or cake and sweets are included and because we want everyone to have the opportunity to celebrate their birthday with us, the party costs nothing.

Christmas gift collection for the benefit of children and young people.

The Christmas gift campaign "Alone Christmas tree is looking for presents" was carried out for the first time in 2012 and since then Nordic Choice Hotels has collected over 300,000 Christmas presents that have contributed to giving children and young people a merry Christmas. The Christmas presents under the Stenungsbaden spruce are distributed to needy children through the Pelican and the Swedish Church in Stenungsund.

For each package that is collected, Stenungsbaden also donates SEK 10 to the Pelikan / Swedish Church in Stenungsund and Nordic Choice Hotels SEK 10 to Unicef's project Sweet Dreams, which contributes to giving children exposed to trafficking a safe night's sleep.