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Perfect gift

always an appreciated gift

The perfect gift for everyone, every time


Buy a gift card for someone you love. The perfect gift for any occasion.
You decide the amount and it can be used within two  years.

Welcome to a seaside experience!

Click on buy gift card, select e-mail and the desired amount in the field below.
Delivered directly via SMS or e-mail.




How do I pay for the gift card?
The gift card applies to Stenungsbaden and can be purchased online, or at the reception in the hotel. Payment is done through your account or by credit card. Payment can only be done with Mastercard/Eurocard and Visa. We do only accept Nordic bank cards and purchases from Nordic IP-addresses. When you buy a gift card online you have the right to withdraw the purchase within 14 days.

Is the purchase safe?
Your card details are sent through a crypted connection to the bank with the same level of security as used in your online bank.

What is the validity of the gift card?
It is valid 24 months from the date of purchase, except for the christmas gift which is valid until March 31, 2022. You can check the date of purchase and the balance online. No cash refund will be given.

What happens if I loose my plastic gift card?
Lost plastic gift cards are not replaced. A receipt for purchase does not apply as a gift card.

What can I spend the gift card on?
You can pay your invoice totally or partly with the gift card. In case you don’t use the whole value of the gift card, the remaining value will be kept on the gift card and can be used another time, does not apply to prepaid online bookings. The gift card can not be exchanged for cash.

When buying the Christmas present, a voucher is obtained which is a document of value and is used as payment for the spa package. The voucher must be handed in at check-in. If the recipient does not have a voucher on arrival, the hotel has the right to charge the regular price for the stay. The Christmas present is booked via the website with the booking code stated on the voucher.


WARNING – Stenungsbaden is not responsible for gift certificates bought through third party channels, auction sites or second hand sites.
Stenungsbaden shall not be held responsible for technical errors when purchasing or using gift cards. In the event of a technical failure beyond the control of Stenungsbaden, the case will be forwarded to the technical provider (Retain 24) who will handle the case through customer service.

Give away a hotel stay. Surprise someone you fancy with a gift card at Stenungsbaden.