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Good to know

Here we have put together tips for you to find the right day to get the optimal experience with us. What do you prefer? At Stenungsbaden we know how to party. But we also understand the value of recovering. Therefore, we have a party the last weekend of the month and take it quieter the other three. In order to love life you need a little of each. Right? Welcome to the Stenungsbaden Yacht Club, we look forward to taking care of you.


Cozy Weekdays & Soft weekends (Except the last weekend)

Relax with us and put the gold edge on everyday life as a weekend and enjoy a comfortable and relaxed experience. Why not bring your love and test our spa package and enjoy the tranquility. In the “cozy hotel” is the lovely atmosphere in a sophisticated environment where you can getta a glass of tasty bubble or why not a sweet or sour cocktail? With us you can eat some really good food to finish with just being. Take some friends, your lifelong love with you, or why not have a recent love for a date? Open until 00:00 both Friday and Saturday. Free admission, age limit 21 years.

  • Chill atmosphere
  • Nice music
  • Good drinks
  • Open fires
  • Love

The last weekend every month, we go a little crazy, with party music and dancing. Why not try the party feeling to the max with disco and DJ along with some friends. Open until 02:00 both Friday and Saturday. Entrance fee, 150, age limit 21 years.
See on the dance floor!

  • Partymusic
  • Party
  • Dance
  • Nice drinks
  • Friends

We are right by the sea and with us you can take a dip in the sea, regardless of the season. If it is cold outside, there is always a warming sauna at hand. Children are welcome under certain laws, read more about children at the spa.

We look forward to seeing!