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Reservation and confirmation terms

Reservations and Confirmation

A reservation is binding when it has been confirmed and you have received a booking reference. This agreement can be done verbally or in writing, such as via email. You and the hotel have then entered into an agreement. When making a reservation, you are required to give your name, address, arrival and departure dates, as well as method of payment. Different rules apply for different rates, see detailed rate information. To book a room, and to stay at our hotel you must be at least 18 years old. For security reason we only allow our staff members and checked-in guests in our hotel rooms and other reserved premises.



Possibility of cancellation depends on the conditions of the chosen rate at the time of booking. Check the exact terms of your booking confirmation. When you book accommodation via our website, it is stated in the information text which payment and cancellation terms apply.


Cancellation / Rebooking

For private guests who have booked a stay we offer the opportunity for free re-booking on most of our packages at one time before arrival. If you need to cancel or rebook your stay, free cancellation applies up to 7 days before arrival- Contact us for assistance. Please, have your booking number available.

With cancellation insurance (SEK 345 / room):
Free re-booking and cancellation and full refunds apply up to 24 hours prior to arrival (exclusive the cost of the cancellation insurance).

Without cancellation insurance
Free re-booking up to 7 days prior to arrival (no cancellation).

If you wish to make a cancellation or rebooking, please follow the steps below:

  • Have you booked directly via our website? You can then rebook your room on stenungsbaden.se, under the Book, click on My pages, enter the booking number that you received at the time of booking.
  • If you have purchased a cancellation insurance and want to re-, or cancel please contact us if you wish to change the booking.
  • Has the booking been made directly via us by email or phone? Contact us for rebooking or cancellation on reservation@stenungsbaden, se or 0303-72 68 29 at least 7 days before arrival. Please have your booking number available.
  • Have you made your booking through an external booking company or partner? Then cancellation and any changes must go through them.


Can I pay by invoice?
Stenungsbaden Yacht Club has a minimum limit of 5000 SEK for invoicing. Exceptions may apply to specific company agreements. Fees may apply. It is not possible to pay via invoice as a private person.


Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

General Terms & Conditions

The following describes our general terms and conditions. These terms and conditions govern all bookings made with us via our website,or arranged by third parties. For questions, please contact us either by e-mail to info@stenungsbaden.se or by phone on +46 303-72 68 00.

1. Ordering

The number of persons, price, accommodation and other products and services to be provided by the hotel will be stated on the confirmation received by the guest after ordering.

2. Validity of the price agreement

The agreed prices are binding on both parties, however, the hotel reserves the right to adjust the prices as a result of changes in costs due to increased taxes and fees or other conditions outside of the hotel’s control.

3. Changes to orders and cancellations

The type of cancellation rules which apply to your booking will depend on the type of booking you have made. Always check which rules apply to your booking, as shown on the booking confirmation.

3.1 Contract bookings
For orders placed by customers with a contract with tenungsbaden Yacht Club/Nordic Choice Hotels, the ordering/cancellation rules stipulated in the contract will apply.

3.2 18 year age limit
For guests who are not travelling with their parents, we have an 18 year age limit. The hotel reserves the right to cancel the booking if no valid ID can be produced.

3.3 Booking with bonus points
Redemption of bonus points presupposes membership of the Nordic Choice Club and that there are sufficient valid bonus points on the member’s account to cover the point costs of the whole stay. For cancellations within the ordinary cancellation period, the bonus points used may be refunded, providing that the points have not expired.

3.4 Commercial activities
Commercial activities as part of a stay must be arranged directly with the hotel.

4. Payment

4.1 Card payments
Nordic Choice Hotels accepts payments from the following credit card companies: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Diners and Eurocard. For orders via our website, we accept Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Diners.

5. Check-in and check-out
Ordered hotel rooms are guaranteed to be ready for checking in from 15:00 on the date of arrival. The check-out time is determined by the hotel, and is usually 11:00 on the departure date.

6. Liability in the event of damage

The guest, or whoever is the guarantor for the room, is responsible for damage to property resulting from negligent or irresponsible behaviour by guests. We would remind you that all Nordic Choice Hotels are non-smoking. In case of infringement of this rule, the hotel will claim compensation for extra cleaning of the room. This compensation has been set at NOK 1500, and will be debited from the final bill of the guest indicated as being responsible for the room.

7. Force Majeure

Events outside the control of the parties to this agreement – for example strikes, lock-outs, fire, etc. that make it impossible to fulfil the obligations of this agreement – entitle the parties to cancel the agreement without liability for compensation.

8. Jurisdiction

All disputes that may arise between the parties to this agreement (the guest and the hotel), shall be resolved in accordance with Swedish law. If the dispute cannot be mutually resolved, the jurisdiction relating to the location of the hotel premises shall apply, unless consumer relations are subject to mandatory rules.


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