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Meetings with a view

Meeting at Stenungsbaden benefit from more than just modern well-equipped facilities. Highly inspirational surroundings and a considerable range of activities add that little extra edge. With us, you can meet in facilities with ocean-front views. We can receive group events of approximately 400 delegates, drive cars into the presentation room and even accommodate a symphony orchestra should you so wish. At the facility there are 25 meeting rooms to choose from. In a nutshell, it is only the outer walls and imaginations that set the limits. We will help you with planning and handle all the details, from the moment you arrive until your departure. Our job is to make sure your meeting is an extraordinary success.

For small team meetings

Join us with a party of up to 15 people and we can offer you and your group momentous activities tailored to your wants and needs. Talk to us about your wishes and we will not only do everything necessary to meet your expectations, but  strive to exceed them.

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Villa JC Stevensprivate conference villa

Stay in Villa J.C Stevens with friends or colleagues and enjoy an entire house all to yourself! Everything can be ordered all-inclusive, from breakfast to dinner and everything in-between. Simply because we believe that the best way to socialize with friends or colleagues is in a relaxing environment.


  • 14 persons, board room.
  • Area: 32 + 28 sqm (plan 1+2)
  • Ceiling heigh: 2,4 m
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M/S Gripsholm 3sparkling sea view

Gripsholm 3 is one of three conference rooms, which you can book separately or merge into a big hall.


  • U-table: 16 persons.
  • Classroom: 12 persons.
  • Area: 36 sqm.
  • Ceiling height: 3,80 meter.


  • Wireless audio system
  • Data projector or LCD screens via HDMI/VGA
  • Daylight
  • Blackout curtains
Vinga and Hållö FyrBoardrooms with sea view

Pater Noster and Måseskär, smaller conference rooms for 3-5 people with sea view.


  • 12 persons
  • Area: 28 sqm
  • Ceiling heigh: 2,4 m
Måseskär and Pater Noster Fyrroom with a view

Vinga Fyr and Hållö Fyr, bright and beautifully  located conference rooms for 12 persons with board seating.


  • 5 persons
  • Area: 14 sqm
  • Ceiling height: 2,4 m
Regatta roomscentrally located in the hotel

The regattarum is centrally located rooms facing  the sea each for 10-12 people. Regatta 1 is a board room. Regatta 2-7, u-shape. Regatta 7 is slightly larger for 16 people. Equipped with writing board, a flip chart and data projector or LCD screens via HDMI/VGA,



  • Regatta 1: 12 persons, board room.
  • Regatta 2-6: 12 person, u-shape.
  • Regatta 7: 34 persons, u-shape. 
  • Area: Regatta 1: 27 sqm. Regatta 2: 25 sqm. Regatta 3-6: 26 sqm. Regatta 7: 34 sqm.
  • Ceiling height: 2,4 m
OS Klass Starbåtview over the pine forest

For those who want a relaxed and quiet meeting, we recommend our OS-classes. 


  • 20 persons theater, 16 persons, classroom and 14 persons u-shape.
  • Area: 32 sqm
  • Ceiling height: 2,6 m

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Phone: +46 ( 0)303-72 68 20

For the medium-sized group

For parties between 16 and 50 people, you have absolutely come to the right place. We will help you with planning and handle all the details, from the moment you arrive until your departure.

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M/S Kungsholm 1,2,3for 25 - 310 persons.

Three conference rooms, who can be merged into a large conference hall.


  • U-shape: 26 persons per room.
  • Class room: 150 persons.
  • 50 persons per room.
  • Theater: 310 persons.
  • 70 persons per room.
  • Islands
  • Area: 76 sqm, per room.
  • Ceiling height: 3,85-4,30 meter.
M/S Gripsholm 2nice view over the sea

A large conference hall, with ca be divided into three separate rooms.


  • U-shape: 26 persons.
  • Classroom: 50 persons
  • Theater: 90 persons
  • Island
  • Area: 110 sqm.
  • Gripsholm 2: 110 sqm.
  • Ceiling height: 3,80 meter.
Tre Kronorfor 26 - 70 persoms


  • U-shape: 26 persons
  • Classroom: 50 persons
  • Theater: 70 persons
  • Islands
  • 2 group rooms for 10 persons each
  • Area: 88 sqm
  • Ceiling height: 2,3 m
OS-Klass Laser and FinnjolleTwo meetng rooms, 79 sqm each..


  • U-shape: 26 persons per room
  • Classroom: 50 persons per room.
  • Theater: 64 persons per room.
  • Islands
  • A group room for 20 personer in nearbuy connection.
  • Area: 79 sqm per room.
  • Ceoiling height: 2,6 m
The boathouse Kookaburrajust by the sea

The Kookaburra Boathouse, a house on your own, just by the sea. Perfect for groups who wants privacy.


120 persons in theater style
Area: 120 sqm
Ceiling height: 2,3 m

For groups requiring plenty of space

When booking a conference package for a group between 51 and 400 people, there are many details that need to run smoothly. We are well acquainted with taking care of larger parties, so let us know how we can meet your needs and we will do everything to exceed your expectations.

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GripsholmView of the sea

Three separate rooms with a magical view of the sparkling Hakefjorden. Book each room separately, or merge all three into a large magnificent community room or banquet hall. We can accommodate groups of up to 400 people!

Kungsholmmagnificent panoramic view over Hakefjorden

Three large spacious and bright conference rooms with sea views that can also be turned into a lovely banquet hall.

Conference overview Download pdf
LocalCeiling heightSq mCinemaSchoolU-ShapeBoardBanquetIslands
M/S Gripsholm 13,81451506530/24*_140/120*14 a' 8 pers/12 a' 8 pers*
M/S Gripsholm 23,8110905026_1108 a' 8 pers
M/S Gripsholm 33,83630121613__
Totalt Gripsholm3,8291400125__27025 a' 8 pers*
OS-Klass Laser2,679645026__8 a' 6 pers
OS-Klass Starbåt2,632201614___
OS-Klass Finnjolle2,679645026__8 a' 6 pers
Regatta 12,627___10__
Regatta 22,625___12__
Regatta 32,626___12__
Regatta 42,626___12__
Regatta 52,626___12__
Regatta 62,626___12__
Regatta 72,634__1614__
M/S Kungsholm 13,85-4,3076705026_507 a' 6 pers*
M/S Kungsholm 23,85-4,3076705026_507 a' 6 pers*
M/S Kungsholm 33,85-4,3076705026_507 a' 6 pers*
Totalt Kungsholm3,85-4,30227310150__15028 a' 6 pers
Vinga Fyr2,428___12__
Hållö Fyr2,428___12__
Pater NosterFyr2,414___4__
Måseskär Fyr2,414___4__
Tre Kronor2,388705026__8 a' 6 pers
Villa JC Stevens2,432+28___1418_
Kookaburra2,3307120___15010 a' 8 pers
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  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
Phone: +46 0303-72 68 20

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For those who want to challenge themselves, each other, or simply to burn off energy and build team spirit, we have some forty activities to choose from. A few are purely physical. Others test your teamwork and your ability to work and strategize as part of a group. As a result, all activities lead to infectious laughter and a whole lot of fun!

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Our meeting packages

We provide the best conditions for any kind of meeting. We have a variety of spaces that range from small team meeting halls, to larger, activity based conference gatherings.

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We care - sustainability

Our passion is to run a business that contributes to a sustainable world, on every level. Together with Nordic Choice Hotels, Stenungsbaden takes special responsibility for our surrounding environment. This means that not only do we comply with government requirements, we strive for growth and development in the green society.

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Membersof Swedish Meetings

Stenungsbaden is a member of Svenska Möten/Swedish Meetings. This means that we have been accredited and carefully classified according to Svenska Möten’s unique classification system and the environmental accreditation Svanen. Accredited members offer the best meeting and conferencing possibilities. Svenska Möten consists of selected conference facilities throughout Sweden.

Svenska möten
Swedish Meetingsdigital participant management

We know there is a lot to think about and keep in mind for major meetings and events. With the Swedish Meeting Registration System, you will follow your participants throughout the event - from the invitation, via a separate web page, on-site handling, payment solution and on-the-spot evaluation.

Digital participant management
meeting certified facility

Stenungsbaden is a certified meeting adviser. Our colleague Charlott has been trained and educated, and now we will take even better care of our conference guests.

Stenungsbaden quick facts
  • 214 rooms.
  • 24 meeting rooms.
  • 16 meeting rooms with a sea view.
  • Villa J.C Stevens - exclusive conference villa with 12 rooms.
  • Bluewater Spa - exercise, treatments, spa with spacious saunas. both indoor and outdoor pools.
  • Captains Table - restaurant with a view.
  • The Lounge – inviting space with a stage for shows, food and mingling.
  • Kookaburra Boathouse for conferences or parties for up to 150 people.
  • Outdoor environment: Obstacle course, volleyball court, running/walking trails, dock, sauna raft and guest marina.
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’’ Business Trip As Always, when I come to Stenungsund, I stay at this hotel (if there are still rooms available). I like the friendly staff and the fact that it is so close to my business purpose. I have enjoyed my stay. Marc J - Antwerp. Belgium via TripAdvisor
’’ Relaxing and soothing Our group had planned a workshop in Sweden during the month of August and Gothenburg was decided as the venue of choice. We booked ourselves at the Stenungsbaden Yacht Club as it came highly recommended. As you drive in to the lobby, it takes a while for you to realize that you are actually on the 6th floor. The reception staff were warm, efficient and welcoming. tmanish76 Chengdu, China via TripAdvisor
’’ Great view I had a great and relaxing time, though I was there on business. Everyone offered good service and the food was very delicious. The cakes and fruits at breaks was very good - especially the chocolate cake. Martinsand4 Odense, Denmark via TripAdvisor
’’ Great hotel This hotel is one of the best I have stayed in, and I travel a lot of the time with my job both in the UK and abroad.

Everyone is friendly and as I have been a long term guest, over 3 months this really helps
I would recommend this hotel to anyone, give it a try well worth a visit if you are in the area
F6250GVkeiths Wolverhampton, United Kingdom via TripAdvisor
’’ Short business trip to Stenungsund Excellent stay, amazing bed and breakfast. Everything worked very well. This time I got also an upgrade, which was a very pleasant surprise. On top of everything weather was also very sunny and the view from the hotel towards the sea was unforgettable! Marjaora Kerava, Finland via TripAdvisor
’’ Two lovely conference days Two lovely conference days Selanderm via TripAdvisor

Winter conference in Bohuslän-our best time is now

Bohuslän wintertime. Our best time is now.

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