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Magic sea view

This year’s highlight is here! And it’s finally time to relax, sip, sweat, sail, float, laugh and everything else that belongs to a really nice summer vacation. Experience our wonderful islands Tjörn & Orust, swim in our salty sea and sunbathe on our warm granite cliffs. Just half an hour from Gothenburg, with constant train and bus transportation, means that you can experience both the city and the archipelago all in one holiday! Doesn’t that sounds wonderful? Book your accommodation today and secure your vacation by the sea!

Golden Sunset

Overnight stay / Breakfast buffet / 3 course dinner / Access to Spa & gym / Face ritual

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Soft summer stay

Overnight stay / Breakfast buffet / Access to gym

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Westcoast experience

2 nights / Breakfast buffet / Access to gym

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Family room

Overnight stay in family room / Breakfast buffet / Access to gym

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Summer Essentials

Overnight stay in a Moderate Room / Breakfast Buffet / Entrance to the gym

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Spa Package

Overnight Stay & Breakfast / Spa Entrance / Gym access / 3-course dinner

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Activities on and around the hotel

Here you will find some suggestions for activities on and near the hotel.

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Experience Bohuslän

There is so much to experience in Bohuslän. Here we have gathered a selection of all the fantastic places to visit. We hope you like our list and find lots of great tips and experiences in Bohuslän.

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Half an hour from Gothenburg, Bohuslän’s you will find Stenungsbaden Yacht Club. The hotel has been and is an appreciated summer destination since the hotel by the sea opened in 1963. A wonderful getaway for friends, families and couples who want to socialize in a nice way in a beautiful environment. Here you live right on the shores of Bohuslän and are never further than a stone’s throw from the west coast’s salty baths, sweeping views and good food. You have all the opportunities for a memorable getaway. A destination for anyone who loves to enjoy life.



Stenungsbaden Yacht Club wants to contribute to a better and more sustainable world and works actively with the global sustainability goals. Running a hotel affects the climate. That is why, together with Nordic Choice Hotels, we take great responsibility for the environment and society around us.


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