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The Tony Irving Experience

Stenungsbaden Yacht Club and Tony Irving present a wonderful weekend filled with dancing, training, inspiration, good food & socializing! Sweden’s greatest dance inspirer, Tony Irving, checks in at his favorite resort Stenungsbaden Yacht Club – invest in yourself and tag along!
It’s quick, easy & fun to learn to dance for Tony. By his side at Stenungsbaden, he has the incredible Sofie Ragnar and together they make sure that you get the most out of all the dance sessions. Everyone can join, no prior knowledge is required, as Tony and Sofie tailor the dance lessons to suit the needs of the participants. Come with your best friend, your partner or by yourself – you’ll learn to dance alone, so you can dance for two!


During the weekend at Stenungsbaden, Tony & Sofie invite you to dance and exercise sessions. Tony’s passport mixes seriousness and humor about each other. It’s always lighthearted, entertaining and personal! In addition to this, you get the opportunity to listen to a selection of Tony’s inspirational lectures. Book The Tony Irving Experience today!


Start at around 1.30pm on Saturday
End around lunchtime on Sunday

Booked guests will receive a full schedule of times sent to them two weeks before the event.

Check out at 12:00


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Free cancellation up to 14 days before arrival.

Thereafter, with our cancellation protection of SEK 495 or medical certificate.



this is included september 28 – 29

  • 4 dance classes with Tony & Sofie; Salsa basics, Cha Cha basics, Bachata basics and Salsa & Cha Cha rehearsal
  • 1 training session with Tony; Floor Barre1 Inspirational lecture with Tony; Can I, Can We!
  • English Afternoon Tea, after arriving
  • Shared dinner, evening
  • Entrance to Spa
  • Overnight stay in a double room
  • Hotel breakfast, morning
  • Nice bathrobe, towel & slippers to borrow
  • Free parking directly outside the hotel
  • Welcome gift from Rosenserien/Sweden Eco (worth approx. SEK 400)
  • Fruit & snacks in connection with the passes



About Tony:
People’s favorite Tony Irving is a charismatic TV and radio profile, perhaps best known as chairman of the jury in the Swedes’ best evening entertainment – Let’s Dance.
Dancing and training are a big part of Tony’s life. Tony has been competing in dance for twenty years, but has also taken on the role of judge and commentator, he has run a dance school and still teaches dance, every week, all year round. One of Tony’s great passions is also promoting dance and exercise in the community, as he travels around to teach, lecture and inspire.

About Sophie:
Sofie Ragnar is Swedish champion in 10-dance. She was born and raised at a dance school in Mölndal and her competition career started at the age of 9. She lived many years in Germany during her career and is a trained coach in both Germany and Sweden. Sofie teaches and works daily with dancers, speaks German fluently and loves to do puzzles!


read more about the dance styles

The dance comes from the Dominican Republic and can be danced in many different ways depending on the nature of the music, the mood and the chemistry between the dancers. During Tony’s session, it becomes fast, open and playful, with an emphasis on step variations, body movement and feel. A sweaty & lovely dance session!

The passionate tango originated in Buenos Aires and Montevideo back in the 19th century. It is a powerful and distinctive dance where the intimate interplay allows for improvisation in every step. In these sessions, we bring out our inner actor, engage our back and neck muscles and stretch our legs – beautifully!

Salsa is a very energetic, exciting, sensual and fun dance with many variations of steps, spins and styles. The music is rich in rhythms, improvisation and energy and is a great source to let loose and have fun! Salsa means sauce and the music/dance is called that because it is a tasty mix with influences from many different dances and rhythms. In salsa you can find influences from many different dances such as tango, samba, swing, hip
hopscotch and ballet.

Cha Cha:
The dance originally comes from Cuba and has since traveled its way around the world. The dance is fast and flirty with fast movements and, as in all Latin dances, a lot of hip movements. There is a clear staccato with sharp transitions between fast and slow steps.

Floor Barre
Sunday morning starts with a great workout together with early riser Tony, even before breakfast. A full-body workout that combines movements from Yoga, Tai Chi and Ballet, where the focus is on simple, effective movements in the joints.

the Inspirational lectures

The inspirational lecture: If I can, we can! 
The lecture is about starting with the Self, in order to benefit the Team! As usual, the lecture is based on experiences from Tony’s own life, which in many ways has been a very exciting journey, which is far from over. We are meant to be in a group and togetherness is something we feel good about. So what is it that you can contribute to your particular group and how do you do it? During the lectures we enjoy English Afternoon Tea together.

Inspirational lecture: A better me – The art of feeling good!
The lecture is about change, about being happy and about daring to change oneself in order to achieve new results. We get to follow Tony’s own life journey with both valleys, peaks and lessons learned. Tony believes that whatever it is that inspires you, it touches you on the inside and connects you to a state where you are more stimulated, productive and purposeful. When you know your purpose, you also feel passion and it is precisely this combination that has become Tony’s own driving force in both life and career. When you feel this way, well then it’s time to make the most of it and feel good. Join the journey!



The welcome gift

About the Rose Series
The welcome gift comes from Rosenserien & Sweden Eco! The Rosen series is a Swedish-produced skin care series that is aimed at the growing crowd of conscious people who want to take care of their skin and at the same time take responsibility for the environment. Roses have always been known for their beneficial properties. The basis of the products is fair trade aloe vera, Chinese green tea and cold-pressed vegetable oils. Sweden Eco. Tony is the “father” of Rosenserien’s men’s products, Sweden Eco, where the philosophy is 100% natural, organic and vegan.


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