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Physical accessibility

  • The hotel entrance has automatic door openers.
  • Handicap toilet is available in the reception and on the 3rd floor.
  • Restaurant, bar and breakfast room are on the entrance level and can be reached by wheelchair. There is a ramp to the restaurant (6% slope).
  • There are four lifts in the hotel as well as a lift at the Bluewater spa. Two of the lifts have an audible signal when opening.
  • The entrance to the Bluewater spa has an automatic door opening.
  • There are one hotel room that are handicapped accessible.
  • There is parking with a permit requirement for mobility impairment.
  • Assistance dogs: guide dog, service dog, signal dog are allowed.
  • Only unscented detergent is used for cleaning at the hotel.

Stenungsbaden Yacht Club is adapted for accessibility and has the ambition to be accessible to everyone. It is about everything from enabling wheelchair users to get around to making it possible for everyone to participate in a conference with us.

The hotel does not have any hearing loops installed in the conference rooms and is not adapted for guests with full visual impairment, but our staff are happy to help. The hotel has no allergy-friendly rooms. We are constantly working to increase the availability of the hotel. Read more here about our accessibility adaptation.

Contact us if you want any questions or want more information.