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We are proud to offer [ comfort zone ] products

You find some of their products in your bathroom, our spa and during our treatments.
Would you like to bring the products home with you? Or maybe give them to someone you like?
Swing down to our spa where the entire range is available. Our staff will help you to both test the products and tell you more about each and every single one of them.
Have you already tried the shampoo, conditioner, soap and body lotion in the room and want to take these home with you? Just go to our reception, where you can buy the products that are in the room.


Deep and gentle custom cleansing for skin glow and vitality


A boost of hydration from science and nature


Calming and reinforcing delicate and sensitive skin


Recover from daily fatigue and fight free radicals each night with RENIGHT

Sublime skin

Active lifting, deep renewal and skin re-densification

Body strategist

Professional cellulite and remodelling solutions


TranquillityTM’s bath and body ritual, featuring aromatic formulas, promote a deep sense of wellbeing. Ideal throughout the day to relax you.