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Our rituals create a mindful moment for yourself.

Relax and take care of your senses, your body and you wellbeing. Buy our DIY sparitual and enjoy it either in our spa, or in your room.

You can also take it home with you to make the feeling last longer and to pamper yourself on gray days. It doesn’t matter where you choose to do your DIY spa ritual, the feeling of wellbeing, relaxation and a moment only for you is always good for the soul.

Why not try out our sauna ritual with ethereal scents and a ice cold dip in the ocean? We combine slow, deep breaths in the sauna and challenging our mind in the cold ocean. “Kallbad” is not only for the winter months, you can actually do it all year around. Research shows positive effects such as decreased stress hormones, better sleep and an increased immune system. Only a few benefits besides the amazing feeling after a dip in the big blue ocean.

Here at Stenungsbaden enjoyment and relaxation goes hand in hand with socializing and laughter.

Book via mail: bluewater@stenungsbaden.se

or call us: 0303-72 68 55


Elevate your spa experience with your own spa ritual. It's a wonderful mini-treatment that you do yourself in our spa, where you'll be guided thru out our spa and everything it has to offer.
This amazing spa ritual include:
Brush for dry brushing | Chamomile Body Lotion | Foot Balm | Clarifying Enzyme Exfoliating Scrub | Clarifying Lavender Facial Oil | Card with guidance of the ritual

225 SEK


A lovely minor treatment that you do yourself at our spa or in your room, completely at your own pace. Cleansing, scrub, moisturizing face mask that gives a nice glow and finishing serum, cream and eye cream.
150 SEK

Sauna ritual

Exercise for you the vessels and your heart. The contrast between heat and cold creates a sort of adrenaline kick, it triggers a lot of hormones that increase our well-being and create a euphoric feeling.
95 SEK/person