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Stenungsbaden celebrating 60 years | October 21

Let’s celebrate wonderful 60 years together!


Stenungsbaden Yacht Club is turning a full 60 years old, and we invite you to a full day of celebration, festivities, and memories that will stay with you for a lifetime!

Our 60th birthday is not just a party; it’s a tribute to our amazing guests who have joined us on this incredible journey through time and space.

The entire day will be filled with festivities, and we have carefully planned a spectacular program to mark this special occasion:



07:00 – 11:00 Birthday Breakfast: Start the day with a birthday breakfast that’s as amazing as our 60-year heritage. We serve a buffet that will brighten your morning and give you the energy for a day filled with celebration.



BIRTHDAY BRUNCH | 12.30 – 14:30 | 295 SEK/PERSON

An extraordinary brunch experience inspired by the vibrant city of New Orleans. Savor authentic flavors and enjoy music from a DJ and saxophonist who will create the perfect New Orleans ambiance.



spa party | 17.00 – 19:00

After a day filled with good food, drinks, and music, we invite you to a tropical spa party. Dive into the pool and have fun with inflatable toys with a tropical theme.


nightclub | 22.30 – 03:00 | 300 SEK/PERSON

The day concludes with a nightclub featuring a secret theme that will surprise and enchant you. Dance the night away to music from a DJ, enjoy fantastic dancers, and much more.



The entire hotel will be decorated and filled with festive joy throughout the day. We look forward to celebrating with you and making this 60th birthday a memorable and spectacular experience. Come and celebrate with us at Stenungsbaden Yacht Club, where tradition meets the present in a joyful atmosphere that only we can offer.