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Birthday brunch | October 21

We’re turning 60!

Welcome to a brunch experience that is a tribute to both our anniversary and the vibrant city of New Orleans!

For six decades, Stenungsbaden Yacht Club has been your destination for relaxation, entertainment, and memories that last a lifetime. And now, it’s time to celebrate our 60th birthday with a brunch that is as unforgettable as all the memories we’ve created over the years.

Our grand and wonderful brunch has received a New Orleans twist that will transport you directly to the lively hub of music and flavors in the American South. Inspired by the famous city on the Mississippi River, our brunch will tantalize your taste buds. It’s like a culinary journey to New Orleans right in the heart of the Swedish archipelago.

During our anniversary brunch, our hotel will be adorned with colorful balloons and festive decorations that create an atmosphere that will make you feel at home in the jazzy streets of New Orleans. But that’s not all – to enhance your brunch experience even further, a DJ and a saxophonist will play soothing tunes that will give you the authentic New Orleans feel.

So, let’s celebrate 60 years of memorable moments at Stenungsbaden Yacht Club together. Reserve your spot and come enjoy our New Orleans-inspired brunch and the festive atmosphere we have prepared for you. We look forward to welcoming you to an anniversary brunch filled with taste, music, and joy, just like our fantastic hotel right by the sea.


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make the most of of your experience and book day spa after the brunch

We continue the party in our spa decorates like you’ve never seen it before. Of course a DJ will be playing in our spa as well.

Book 4 hours of spa