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December 2nd | Christmas table | live music | night club

A classic christmas table

Our traditional Bohuslän Christmas table entices with both classics and surprises. All imaginable obvious things are served, such as Christmas ham, meatballs, prince sausages and herring inlays. We also surprise with a lot of Bohuslän delicacies and sweet treats. A popular favorite on the West Coast!

Throughout the evening, the band “Juni” will play wonderful covers for us. They start the evening with piano for the mingle and continue with beautiful covers and entertainment from the stage after we close the Christmas table at 9.30 pm. When “Juni” leaves the stage, a DJ takes over and runs the nightclub until 2am.



Mingle with mingle and live music
Christmas table
Music from the band Juni
If you travel with children, there is an additional cost for the child’s Christmas table.
After 21.30 the age limit is 21 years.


Book christmas table Boka christmas table with accomodation



The event band Juni met in their shared passion for being on stage and spreading joy. Their joint track record is long: corporate events, tours in Sweden and Europe, as well as various professional productions. Juni is the band that lights up and provides an experience you won’t soon forget.



Thursday: 995:-
Friday – Saturday: 1095:-
Sunday: 425:-
Night club: 250:-
Children: 495:- för alla barn upp till 12 år.