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We take care of your personal needs with Kerstian Florian's and Comfort Zone's wonderful products

LOVELY SPIRIT 50 MIN | 975:- (Monday – Thursday 875:-)
The facial treatment where we focus on the décolletage, back and mind. The massage is reinforced in these areas with a special Guasha technique made with crystal stones. This is not just a facial treatment but an overall experience!


CLASSIC FACIAL TREATMENT 80 MIN | 1375:- (Monday – Thursday 1275:-)
A thorough face mapping skin analysis which includes peeling, deep cleansing, facial massage, and facial mask which involve special products to suit your skin type.


QUICK FACE 20 MIN | 575:- (Monday – Thursday 475:-)
A 20-minute quick fix focusing on problem areas according to personal requirements


SKIN REGIMEN 50 MIN | 975:- (Monday – Thursday 875:-)
A moisturising peel treatment that gives the skin a healthy glow.
Also available as a cure 20 min | 525  Recommended once a week for six sessions | 2350