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Personal trainer near Gothenburg

Do you want to get a kick start, guidance and develop within your fitness?

A personal trainer helps you to increase your motivation, take your workouts to a new level and reach your goals. Your personal trainer can also help you with dietary advice, a diet plan and planning your life. All to give you a strong, more energetic body and to make sure you get to enjoy life to the fullest.

Jeanette Björkman – personal trainer

If we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, I’m Jeanette. I work as a personal trainer here at Bluewater Spa. This year I’ve been given the honorable task of creating a continued wonderful workout spirit here at the club. But to achieve that I need you – our wonderful members – help. Together with our fantastic staff, we will create the best conditions for you.


Your goals. Our plan.

Training should be enjoyable and energizing. It should help us to be in harmony and find a good balance in the body. Everyone needs to move their body in their everyday life, regardless of the form of activity they choose. I myself love obstacle courses. What a privilege it is to have an obstacle course at Stenungsbaden. We will train there several times together.

If you have any questions or want to book personal training hours, don’t hesitate to email me. A good tip is to gather a group of friends and train together. In a smaller group you push each other and it’s great fun and exciting!

For personal training contact jeanette.bjorkman@stenungsbaden.se

Priscilla Lêite – hatha yoga instructor

Yoga has been part of my life for longer than 20 years. It was first introduced to me as a physical activity. After years of practice, I discovered infinite joy in deep meditative experiences. That was when I realized the true beauty behind yoga and decided to accept this journey as new a lifestyle and a dharma, a life purpose.

The word yoga means union between mind and body, through the breath. To practice yoga is to remove the fluctuations of the mind (Chitta Vritti Nirodha) and by doing so we create a positive environment for happiness and healing to florish from within. As if a veil is lifted off your eyes, yoga can reconnect you to your true healthy, joyful, balanced nature.

I will be honored to guide through different types of practices such as a nice, relaxing restorative class or an energetic and inspiring hatha flow. All practices are beginners friendly and offers body movement (yogasanas), breathing exercises (pranayamas), mind cleansing meditation and body relaxation (shavasana).


Please contact me for any inquiries at priscilla.leite@stenungsbaden.se