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Breakfast & spa

from 395 per person

SATurday |595
SUNday |495
MONday-FRIday |395


Breakfast and spa. Start the day with a delicious breakfast buffet and then enjoy the spa at its best.


Note! No accommodation included.

Book our package with spa ritual and get an even better experience! Price +299/person

Age limits at spa 16 years. Children are welcome under certain holidays.

For those who are a little brave
Stenungsbaden located just at the seafront so you can take a dip right in the sea, regardless of the season. And if it´s cold outside, there is always a warm, floating sauna available.

DATES: All days.

GOOD TO KNOW: At Stenungsbaden we offer cozy weekdays and quiet weekends, except for the last weekend every month. Then, we put on the party music, dancing shoes, and go crazy. See our calendar for more information.