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TJÖRN RUNT | 17th of August

Welcome to Stenungsbaden for an Unforgettable Tjörn Runt Weekend! Join us at Stenungsbaden for a magical Tjörn Runt weekend filled with excitement, celebration, and fantastic experiences! Whether you’re here for the aftersail festivities or to dance the night away at our nightclub, we have something special for everyone. Here’s a glimpse of what you can look forward to:


Aftersail at Kookaburra with DJ and Partypatrullen

After a thrilling day of sailing, why not continue the adventure on land? From 5 PM to 7 PM, we invite you to our Aftersail at Kookaburra with live music from DJ and Partypatrullen. Enjoy a vibrant atmosphere with great tunes and good vibes. No reservations needed, just drop in and join the fun!



As the sun sets, the real party begins at our hotel. The traditional Tjörn Runt party is a must for all party enthusiasts! Our nightclub opens with Partypatrullen getting the dance floor warmed up before the DJ takes over, ensuring a night filled with music and dancing on two dance floors. The party goes on until 2 AM and is open to everyone aged 21 and over. Entrance is 200 SEK.

Night club tickets


Sailing with Glädjeresan

We are proud to sail with Glädjeresan, aboard a boat with an impressive history. This boat, once sailed by the legendary Pelle P in the America’s Cup, will be crewed by the beloved Lasse Kronér this year. It’s an honor for us to participate in Tjörn Runt with such iconic figures and a boat rich in history. Stay tuned for a detailed press release where we will share more about the boat’s fascinating background and our exciting sailing plans.


We look forward to celebrating Tjörn Runt with all of you, creating unforgettable memories together. Whether you’re here for the sailing, the party, or both, we have something special just for you. Come and experience the unique atmosphere at Stenungsbaden during Tjörn Runt – we promise it will be a weekend to remember!

Welcome to Stenungsbaden and Tjörn Runt – see you at Kookaburra and on the dance floor!