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Seaweed has always been a part of Stenungsund’s heart and soul. Since the 19th century, people have ventured to Stenungsön to experience the fresh air of the sea. As the first villas were built on the island, both cold and hot bath houses were established for happy bathers to enjoy among other things, such as seaweed scrub. From there, a health resort of the finest quality was born – and success was a guarantee!

The seaweed in particular is an part of Stenungsbaden’s DNA. What could be better than a month completely dedicated to the green gold of the sea? Throughout February, we’ll be lifting seaweed in a number of delightful ways. From sauna rituals with seaweed shots and menus with elements of seaweed to seaweed-inspired cocktails… only the imagination sets the limits. Welcome to a fabulous month in the sign of the seaweed!


  • Sauna ritual with seaweed and seaweed shots in our spa (Book on site in our spa)
  • Brewmakers Dinner with Inlands Bryggeri
  • The Deep Ocean Nightclub