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Get ready and enjoy a beneficial massage.

LUXURY 105 MIN | 2325 (discount price Monday – Thursday 2225)
A completely unique treatment created just for you who “loves life”. You get a total experience that will linger for a long time, we can promise you that! A feeling of well-being, relaxation and energizing effect and on top af all a glass of bubble!


A softer massage with aroma fragrances.
Neck & back  20 MIN | 525
(discount price Monday – Thursday 425)
Whole body 50 MIN | 952 (discount price Monday – Thursday 825)


A massage adapted to your particular needs
Neck & back 20 MIN | 525
 (discount price Monday – Thursday 825)
Whole body 50 min | 925 (discount price Monday – Thursday 825)


A full body treatment with warm lava stones that stimulates all of your senses. This treatment

is energizing and relieves muscle pain while increasing blood and lymph circulation.

The 80-minute treatment also includes a refreshing facial cleansing and scalp massage.

80 MIN | 1225

50 MIN | 925 (discount price Monday – Thursday 825)


PREGNANT MASSAGE 50 MIN | 925 (discount price Monday – Thursday  825)
It is specially adapted for pregnant women to provide a strengthening and calming experience.