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Family room

from 1599 per room

Family room with sea view. Buy spa entrance for everyone.

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Golf package

from 1586 per person

Golf package with great location! Welcome to gather power, get moving and live out your golf passion!

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from 1445 per person

On Saturday, April 6, the start of the OCR Golden Trophy 2019 will be held at Stenungsbaden. The package includes overnight accommodation, breakfast, after-race dinner and after-race party.

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Sparter -  summer spa package We recommend

Sparter - summer spa package

Stay longer, save more. Upp till 30% rabatt.

Unna dig en “sparter” i sommar. Det är som en charter. Visst låter det underbart? Treat yourself to a "spatter" this summer. It's like a charter. Dosent it sounds wonderful?
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Sport Spa

A lovely energetic day at the spa with hot baths and exercise.

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Late Chill Spa

from 195 per person

Find the tranquility of the spa when the sun has gone down and the darkness has settled over Hakefjorden.

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Last minute We recommend

Last minute

from 995 per person

Did you know that we release a number of rooms for only 995 per person? We call it the "last minute offer".

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from 2195 per person

Ulf Lundell comes to us for a long-awaited outdoor concert.


Spa Sunday

from 1145 kr/pers

Sundays are the best day here with us. Fewer people, more space in the pool.

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Conference with full board

Requests for quotation

Conference with full board in lovely Bohuslän. Collect colleagues, strengthen the group and get the creativity and results started. We take care of you so you focus on the work.

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Requests for quotation

When the holiday's beautiful days are over for this time and the traces of sun and salt remain in body & soul, then it's time for new start! What suits better than a kick-off at Stenungsbaden?

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Spa package departure - most affordable We recommend

Spa package departure - most affordable

from 1295 per person

Enjoy our lovely spa package with overnight stay, spa, three courses dinner and breakfast.

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From 1480 per person

Enjoy our lovely spa package with overnight stay, spa, three course dinner and breakfast.

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Breakfast & spa

Start the day with a delicious breakfast buffet and then enjoy the spa at its best.

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Bed and breakfast

from 601 kr/pers

Our best available rate. Always 5% discount when booking at www.stenungsbaden.se The price includes accommodation and breakfast.


Day conference

Requests for quotation

Meet over the day! When you and your colleagues want to avoid the daily routine and find some new and quick inspiration!

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Treat Spa

from 690 per person

Combine beautiful baths with a peaceful treatment. 

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Ritual Spa

Entrance and a spa ritual. Entrance to the spa and a spa ritual that will give you the best experience at the spa and boost your skin.

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Summer room

från 599 per person

Take the chance and experience the Stenungsbaden and Bohuslän at a fantastic price this summer.
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