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5 km, 100 obstacles

On Saturday, April 6, 2019, the start of the OCR Golden Trophy 2019 will be held at Stenungsbaden in Stenungsund. First start at 10.00am for the élite group and the last group starts at 4pm


With “Only 5 km” and 100 obstacles, this is perhaps Sweden’s by far the largest and toughest obstacle race competition. No time for recovery, no time for rest, no punishment, just a brutal amount of obstacles for you to overcome. In other words, this is not a technically difficult obstacle course that requires long special training. It is tough, heavy like all military obstacle courses – fantastic fun where you are constantly faced with new challenges . Our instructors are strategically deployed along the course, all so that you will not have a quiet time (or for a helping hand). This is an obstacle race competition by Military Fitness Sweden

A good place to follow the competition is at the start and finish at Stenungsbaden. The Hawaii beach is also a great place to watch. Come and cheer up the talented participants. Welcome!


Finish the day with the “after race dinner”. Served in Gripsholm at 8pm for 425.
A tasty three courses buffet are being served at 8pm in Gripsholm – appetizer, main course and desert in a wonderful spirit after a whole day outdoor


consists of three races

  • 6/4 in Stenungsund
  • 8/6 in Göteborg
  • 17/8 in Backamo


News 2019! A competition class with a weight vest. NOTE !! Own weight vest, 5 kg for lady and 10 kg for men. 5 km, 100 obstacles x 4 (laps on the track)

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Place: Stenungsön