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Midnight SPA | 24 mars


Enjoy our spa at it’s most beautiful hours!

Enjoy our spa at it’s most beautiful hours! Book Stenungsbaden’s Midnight Spa and experience our popular spa during the night time.

During your spa experience, you are greeted by candlelights and a lounge DJ. We suggest you start the evening by following the light path all way down to the sea to our sauna raft to partake in a sauna ritual, followed by a dip in the sea. Upon your return you are welcomed to enjoy the rest of the evening in our spa. Relax to the beautiful beats in our wellness pool or treat yourself to a drink in our outdoor jacuzzi under the stars. Perfect way to cozy up after a cold night’s swim in the salty waters of Hakefjord!


The package includes:
Entrance to the spa 22.00 – 01.00
Access to the gym and training sessions
Loan of bathrobe, slippers and towel

Open on: 24/3, 28/4, 27/5, 29/9 & 27/10

595 kr per person