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A half bottle of sparkling wine & a generous supply of mixed candy to enjoy
Price 300:-

Beställ VIP
Champagne & sparkling wine

If it’s a time for celebration, it should be celebrated with bubbles!
You choose the bottle, and we will make sure it is cooled and ready to be opened in your room.
Sparkling wine half/full SEK 225/425:-
Moët & Chandon Champagne Impérial Brut 75 cl , 995 kr
Moët & Chandon Champagne Impérial Brut Magnum, 1,5 l, 2195 kr

Beställ VIP

It’s not a weekend without snacks! We arrange a bag of chips as well as two ice cold beers. Why not treat yourself to this luxury every night of your stay!
Two Stenungsbaden Pale Ale and two 40 grams bag of chips.
Price 199:-

Beställ VIP

Four delicious chocolates in varying flavors
Price 48:-

Beställ VIP

Enter your room to the sight of a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Bouquet of 10 red roses 595:-*
895:- during the period February 1-28. 2021

Beställ VIP