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Eager to discover hidden gems in Bohuslän?

Below, we have gathered all the must-visit spots in Bohuslän. We believe that experiences on the West Coast are something truly special, although we might be a bit biased. When asked where to go in Bohuslän, our answer is always the same: Stenungsbaden! We are proud to have a place on the West Coast that offers many experiences year-round.

Discover the hidden gems of Bohuslän with our guide. Explore the archipelago and idyllic coastal towns. Stay with us and plan your trip through our guide. Below, we have compiled what you must not miss in Bohuslän, including the Sculpture Pilane. Another must-see in Bohuslän is, of course, the Bohuslän archipelago, one of the world’s most beautiful natural areas according to CNN. Another spot we think you must visit on the West Coast, besides our fantastic hotel, is the Nordic Watercolour Museum.

If you want to discover Stenungsbaden, we offer many experiences and delights. This summer, we have everything from day parties, summer concerts, and dockside rock with Partypartullen, to of course, delightful hours in our spa.

Read more about each hidden gem below.

See you by the sea!

South of Bohuslän

Do you want to know about what is happening in Södra Bohuslän? Everything is collected here, from day trips, events and hotels.

All of Bohusläns activities

A picturesque island where you like to stroll on the quay, check out the boats and shop in one of the shops along the way. - well worth a visit. A day here disappears very quickly!
Photo Credit Roger Borgelid/westsweden.com

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Something for everyone

In Sundsby there are a number of different trails with varying levels of difficulty. On certain stretches, the vast majority can easily get there, while the trail up to Solklinten and the caves is difficult to access with narrow, deep ravines and wedged rock blocks. Here, in places, you may have to crawl under or climb over rocks. For the older children, this is a fun adventure. For the very little ones, there is Ivers Skogpromenad, a children's round tested by three-year-olds. Along the path, there is a rest area with a view, natural seating and gnarled furrows to cling to. Here is also the Sundsby farm café, where you can eat or have a coffee in lovely surroundings.

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Käringön & Gullholmen outside Orust

The car-free island, Käringön, far out in the Bohuslän archipelago, is truly a place that provides its visitors with seaside tranquility and memorable experiences. Gullholmen is Sweden’s most densely populated archipelago island. Härmanö offers beautiful nature with a mixture of meadows, pastures and cliffs.

From Tuvesvik, one of Orust’s western outposts, the passenger ferry goes to Käringön and Gullholmen.

Photo Credit Amplifyphoto /westsweden.com

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The Nordic Watercolor Museum

The Nordic Watercolor Museum is located in Skärhamn on Tjörn. There is exciting world-class architecture and art here. Take the opportunity to see exciting exhibitions from around the world and listen to interesting talks. All in an absolutely unparalleled environment - in the middle of the Bohuslän archipelago. In the museum you will find Vatten Restaurang and Café, here food is served with a focus on the quality and origin of the ingredients. A warm welcome to a customized museum.
Included in Expedition Bohuslän. Photo Credit Jonas Ingman/westweden.com

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Sculpture at Pilane
under the sun

Join us for an exciting and different art experience at Tjörnll. In the middle of a Bohuslän cultural landscape with traces from the Stone Age and with grazing, a sculpture exhibition with world-leading artists can be arranged every summer. Sculpture in Pilane is an experience for everyone, both young and old.
Photo Credit Roger Borgelid/westsweden.com

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in the footsteps of Lasse-Maja

At the highest point on Marstrandsön in the western Swedish coastal band, Carlstens Fästning enthrones itself. For more than 300 years, the mighty guardian has protected the small wooden city below. Today, the fortress is a captivating experience to visit. Here you can experience the fortress' exciting history as a defense structure and prison for notorious prisoners such as Lasse-Maja, but also stay overnight or go to concerts and take part in other events.
Photo Credit Per Pixel/westsweden.com

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Tour around by boat

The Bohuslän archipelago is something special. The news channel CNN Travel thinks it is so outstanding that they rank it as the world's seventh most beautiful natural area. Where the mainland ends, a whole new world begins. A world of water, islands and small picturesque fishing communities. In order for you to experience the archipelago for real, there is a regular sea service along the entire coast. In this way, you can swim at Brännö, hike at Marstrand or have a romantic dinner in Fiskebäckskil and get lovely boat trips in between. Bring your bike, kayak, family, a friend or your latest date. There is a boat tour for everyone.
Photo Credit Amplifyphoto/westsweden.com

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Feel the salty sea all year around

Take advantage of a lovely swim in the fresh sea during your visit with us, all year round regardless of the weather and temperature. Down by the sea is a spring-warming sauna raft, and we can warmly recommend you to take a dip, all year round. Included in the spa entrance fee.

Book day spa

Stenungstorg has everything that characterizes good shopping - from the large chain stores with their wide selection to cozy small shops. There are shops but also healthcare, pharmacies, system companies, libraries and the police. The atmosphere is calm and pleasant without stress in a beautiful sea environment and convivial atmosphere. When it's time for a break, you can have a coffee at the harbor promenade or have a bite to eat in one of the restaurants. Stenungsund's guest harbor is located directly adjacent to Stenungstorg.

Expedition Bohuslän

Bohuslän has lots of exciting things to experience. Amidst salty splashes and soft granite outcrops, you can meet endangered animals from around the world, enjoy world-class art, explore life in the western sea, visit a 19th-century coastal community and take a trip back to the Bronze Age and much more. Expedition Bohuslän is an exciting round trip in Bohuslän for all ages. Especially if you like adventure, knowledge and learning new things. Nordic Watercolor Museum, Kosterhavet National Park, Havets Hus, Bohusläns Museum, Nordens Ark and Vitlycke Museum. Together, they are Bohuslän's most popular and most visited tourist destination and have over a million visitors annually.

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