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Seaside, Vattenfall in Stenungsund.

in Vattenfall, Stenungsund

An exhibition of Kjell Engman and Linda Ljungblad.

September 21 to October 20, these artists exhibit at Vattenfall’s Bergrum in Stenungsund.
The exhibition is weekly Wednesday to Sunday at 12 am-5 pm.


Glass art in unique environment

Kjell Engman is an indefatigable glass artist with boundless imagination and storytelling joy. This autumn you can visit the exhibition Seaside,  arranged in Vattenfall’s  mountain room in Stenungsund. An amazing environment to show  artworks in!
– I and the family have spent the summers with sailing on the west coast for 50 years. The water and the coast mean a lot to me,  illustrated in this imaginative exhibition, says Kjell Engman

Voluntary admission – which goes to the Jontefonden in full.

The parking fee goes in full to a local sports association that also holds the logistics.


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Place: Stenungsund