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Fire, smoke and country love at kookaburra

We welcome you to real, authentic BBQ-nights with everything barbequed and smoked served with sides from our American inspired kitchen. The meat is grilled for several hours toghether with fire, smoke and love. With Andreas and Jimmy form Grill & Event: Backyardheroes they will create a spectacular night and show.

Fun fact, Andreas has won the European championship together with the Swedish national team in BBQ and is a world champion of smoke and BBQ/grill.

One of Sweden’s most brilliant country stars Alexzandra Wickman is coming to Stenungsbaden Yacht Club Kookaburra this evening!
Alexzandra debuted in Melodifestivalen 2018 and also presented to the entire Swedish people as an expert coach in “Stjärnornas Stjärna”. She has since appeared countless times in both Nyhetsmorgon, Bingolotto and SVT Go’kväll with her own songs. With her storytelling and her dreamy sound, Alexzandra has in a short time become one of Sweden’s leading country stars.

For this special evening, Alexzandra Wickman brings one of Sweden’s leading country guitarists with her and together they offer beloved country gems mixed with new material from Alexzandra’s forthcoming EP Wildwood Dreams.
Prepare for a shimmering summer evening where the West Coast meets Nashville with dreamy interpretations of the greatest country songs of all time!

“No Swedish artist right now does better country with a modern Nashville cut than Alexzandra Wickman” – Jan Gradvall, Music Journalist
“Sweden’s Dolly Parton!” – Mattias Hansson, P4 Country

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425 SEK

See you at Kookaburra!