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Spa ritual

refreshing and relaxing

Take care of yourself with a cleansing and refreshing spa ritual. The best way to get the full spa experience. With products for body and face, you will go between sauna and cold bath where body and mind get new energy. A wonderful moment is promised. Price 125 kr

During the ritual, you may alternate between both sauna and bath while self applying products such as a body peel, facial cleanser, facial mask, facial cream, body cream and a refreshing fuß-balm for tired muscles.

Here you can read more about our treatments.

Book when you make your room booking, or by phone or mail. Recommended to buy directly on site.


BOOK: bluewater@stenungsbaden.se


NOTE! Admission to the spa is not included in the above price.

Not recommended for pregnant women, those with heart problems or if you are feeling unwell. 




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