Corona and safety procedures.  Read about what actions we are taking to maintain safe environments for our guests and employees.

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Information regarding safety at our hotel

Published: March 12. 2020
Updated: March 16. 2020, .


Information regarding safety at our hotels! 

Are you worried? The safety of our hotel guests and staff are our top priority in all situations. Stenungsbaden has a crisis management group that works with questions relating to the corona virus and this group closely monitors the development. The hotel follows the recommendations from The Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs concerning the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease covid-19. Stenungsbaden is a part of Nordic Choice Hotels, click here for information on what we as a hotel chain  are doing to maintain safe environments for our guests and employees.


At our hotel, hygiene and cleanliness are always prioritized. We are also emphasizing the importance of good hand hygiene based on recommendations from local health authorities. We have strict hand hygiene policies for our team members before eating or preparing food and after using the bathroom. We also encourage guests to frequently wash their hands with soap and warm water. Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, Stenungsbaden had a cleaning score of 4 out of 5 on Tripadvisor and we continue with our control program in our operations.


What we do at our hotel for securing the safety of our guest:

  • Increased focus on hand hygiene
  • Offer disinfectant dispensers in public areas to our guests
  • Observance of the procedures for dealing with colleagues who are ill
  • Security precautions that anyone can take to protect themselves and others from COVID-19
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Have hand disinfection ready
  • Avoid unnecessary hand contact
  • Avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose
  • Cover the mouth with the elbow when coughing and sneezing
  • Keep at least one meter away from coughing or sneezing persons


Security precautions that anyone can take to protect themselves and others from COVID-19

  • Increased focus on hand hygiene. Wash with soap and warm water.
  • There are disinfectant dispensers in public areas 
  • Avoid unnecessary hand contact
  • Avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose
  • Cover the mouth with the elbow when coughing and sneezing
  • Keep at least one meter away from coughing or sneezing persons


The hotel has many private rooms. Be isolated, but be together!

  • Private meetings – book your very own conference villa. We offer rooms, routines and policies that are clearly and specifically adapted to the current situation. With us there are several larger conference rooms that you can privately dispose.
  • We can divide the hotel into sections if needed
  • Our hotel has many spaces and cozy environments for privacy
  • Take the opportunity to utilize our outdoor environments
  • As it seems today, we will not shut down our premises.


Hotel rooms and public areas

  • Regular disinfection of exposed surfaces such as door handles, card terminals and elevator buttons with anti-bacterial liquids
  • Increased cleaning and hygiene protocols
  • Disposable gloves for all cleaning



  • The conference rooms are disinfected after use.. We disinfect everything from chairs, tables, doors, remote controls, lighting buttons. 
  • Tell us if you rather would have your coffee served in the room
  • than in our public areas. 
  • Hand disinfection is available in all conference rooms


Spa, treatments and training

  • Stenungsbaden is a member of Svenska Spahotell and together we are constantly working to ensure water quality.
  • The US equivalent to environmental and health management has investigated how coronavirus in general and Covid-19 in particular behave in pools. It turns out that coronaviruses are easier to eliminate than other viruses that we already have protection against via sewage treatment plants, filters, chlorine and UV light.
  • Of course, hygiene is the focus. All staff have solid training in their particular field of work in order to ensure the highest possible quality.
  • Offers double towels for our guests who visit our spa.
  • Currently no facial treatments are performed.
  • Reduces the number of people at the gym- increase outdoor workouts.


Kitchen/ Restaurant / Night club

  • The safety of our guests and staff is our top priority at all times. In order to minimize the risk of spreading the new coronavirus (COVID-19), Stenungsbaden and Nordic Choice Hotels is temporarily changing its procedures regarding food and beverages.
  • All conference buffets are replaced with plated meals. From today, lunch is served on a plate. The guest have three courses to choose from. Salad and bread on the table. Conference and a’la carte menus are reduced. These changes will be introduced from Wednesday 18 March.
  • Breakfast buffets at our hotel will be replaced with packed breakfasts. We will serve wrapped sandwiches, fruit, yogurt in a bowl, pre-packed muesli, eggs, caviar, coffee, tea and juice.
  • The “Fika” is served group by group. These changes are being introduced on Wednesday 18 March 2020.
  • Our afternoon tea has been cancelled until further notice.
  • We can’t offer room service for the moment.
  • Follows the same strict hygiene practices as always.
  • In addition, all food is packed in transport to the spa, reception, bar etc. So that it can not get any external contamination.
  • The Swedish Government has on March 27 taken the decision to limit events with more than 50 participants with start March 29. Stenungsbaden is acting in accordance with this decision which means that we currently will cancel our party weekends as long as this restriction applies. Stenungsbaden will still be open and we will do everything possible to create a wonderful evening with a pleasant atmosphere for you and your company. ️


Stay at home if you are ill!

If you have any symptoms at all, even if they are mild, you should limit your social contacts in order not to infect others. This applies to both working life and private life.

Symptoms of infection are respiratory symptoms, like fever or cough. Even if your symptoms are mild it is important that you stay at home and do not attend any lectures or seminars. Remain at home for a couple of days extra, also after you have stopped showing symptoms.


 Are you worried?

If you have general questions or is worried about the corona virus and the disease covid-19 you should call +46 113 13 in Sweden.


Do you have symptoms?

In case you are showing any symptoms you should call the health services (Vårdguiden) on +46 1177 in Sweden. You should not visit a health care centre, instead always contact the health services on +46 1177 first.


How to prevent infection

Generally preventive measures are:

  • Avoid shaking hands when greeting people.
  • Avoid touching your face and your eyes. The virus is transmitted through mucous membranes in eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Wash your hand often with soap and hot water. Infectious matter easily sticks to your hands. Therefore, wash your hands often with soap and hot water, for at least 20 seconds.
  •  Always wash your hands when you come home and when you arrive at work, before you eat, when you handle food, and after visiting the toilet.



The information is updated continuously and provides answers to frequently asked questions. Also keep track of the information published on The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s website.

 You always have a responsibility. Follow the recommendations, and most of all take care!

Our hotel is open and operate as normal, and with safety as our main priority and we are taking every precaution in order for our guests to feel safe when staying or visiting out hotels. We consider it to be safe for hotel guests, conference guests and employees to operate our organisation as normal as long as we adhere to the guidelines issued by the authorities.

In case a situation arises, in which a guest or employees is suspected of being infected with the new Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), we will follow the instructions issued by the health authorities. We also have an agreement with a security company that can provide advice to the hotel management in such a scenario.

This information is valid until further notice and may be updated.


Take care, we look forward to see you here at Stenungsbaden!