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Everyones favorite is coming back!

The Kookaburra was built on a bridge deck where you could see the water through the cracks, which gave our summer restaurant the nickname “the pier”.
To make something fun on the summer evenings in July, it was decided that Partypatrullen would play every Wednesday and Thursday in July. We wanted the concept to reflected the combination “pier and music”, and the name Bryggrock was chosen.
It was packed every Wednesday-Thursday! Upcoming  Bryggrock now is both nostalgia and experience.

Good food, Partypatrullen and DJ to finish off the evening into the night, that is Bryggrock!


Kookaburra opens 12:00. No booking needed, only drop in.

Menu Kookaburra



The evening

There’s no booking, only drop in. We recommend you to come early to guarantee some seats.

20:00-22:00 Is everyones favourite DJ Niklas Feldt  starting with some nice beats to enjoy.

22:00-00:00 Partypatrullen takes the stage. No Partypatrullen, no party – it’s known.

00:00-01:00 Is Niklas Feldt finishing up the evening with music everyone loves!


22.00, When partypatrullen takes the stage, there´s an age limit of18+