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For small groups up to 15 persons

With us, you can meet in facilities with ocean-front views. For a completely secluded setting, we recommended Villa J.C Stevens, a house where you can be entirely on your own. The kitchen offers everything from breakfast to dinner – and anything you might want in between. In the living room, sink into the sofas and spar over the speaker system. If you would like to stay overnight, you may do so in the house’s elegant rooms. Naturally, you may also choose to walk the ten steps to the hotel to relax in the stylish and sporty restaurant, Captain’s Table, where a char-grilled prime rib burger, crab cakes or a classic shrimp sandwich await you. The conference rooms are centrally located in the hotel and offer nearly unparalleled views of the ocean or pine forests. The brightly furnished rooms are equipped with every convenience  and a variety of seating options.

Welcome to make a reservation! We will do everything we can to meet them, and work to exceed your expectations.

Meeting rooms
for the small group

Regatta 1-7
Vinga and Hållö Fyr
Måseskär och Pater Noster Fyr
Gripsholm 3
Villa JC Stevens

Quick and easy

Book meeting venues quickly and easily online. If you are looking for a venue for up to 30 people, you can see which spaces are available and what capacity they offer. The rest is just a click away.

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challenge the group

For those who want to challenge themselves, each other, or to simply burn off energy and build team spirit, we have some forty activities to choose from. A few are purely physical. Others test your teamwork and your ability to strategize as part of a group. As a result, these activities lead to infectious laughter and a whole lot of fun!

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The food
is important

As a conference guest, you will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared with locally grown and seasonal ingredients. During the conference, we serve our popular Swedish fika with organic coffee and homemade biscuits, providing you with energy that lasts all day.

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award-winning spa

Relax in our heated outdoor pool and jacuzzi or enjoy the wellness pool and sauna. Enjoy exercise and health treatments in the most scenic of surroundings.

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