You and Stenungsbaden Yacht Club agree on the terms of the room rental. Unless any special agreements have been made, the following rules apply. Separate rules apply for conferences and group bookings.

Reservations and Confirmation
A reservation is binding when it has been confirmed and you have received a booking reference. This agreement can be done verbally or in writing, such as via email. You and the hotel have then entered into an agreement. Although, under certain circumstances, it is possible to cancel - please read under “Cancellation and Failure to Arrive”.
When making a reservation, you are required to give your name, address, arrival and departure dates, as well as method of payment.. Different rules apply for different rates, see detailed rate information.

When you book a room for a minor (a person under the age of 18) and you are not staying at the hotel yourself, this person needs to present a permission form signed by the parent or guardian upon arrival to the hotel. The permission form ensures that the parent or guardian agrees that the minor is staying at the hotel and that the parent or guardian is responsible for that person and his/her acts. The person who made the booking, alternatively the legal guardian who stays at the hotel at the same time as the minor, is responsible for the minor even if they stay in separate rooms. For security reason we only allow our staff members and checked-in guests in our hotel rooms and other reserved premises.

For guests without adult company there is an 18 year old age restriction. Hotel reserves the right to cancel the booking onsite if id cannot be shown.

Spa Package Saturdays. Select your hours at our spa on Saturdays when making your reservation to enhance  your stay.  Saturday from 12 a.m noon to 4 p.m.  or 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Arrival and Departure
The hotel room is at your disposal from 3 pm at the latest on the date of arrival.
You are required to check-out from your room by 11 am at the latest on the day of departure. The room is held until 6 pm on the date of arrival. If you intend to arrive later, you must inform the hotel in advance in order to not risk losing your room to another guest. It is possible for late-check-out for an additional fee.

Cancellation and no arrival
The cancellation policy is determined by the rate you have booked, always read the detailed rate description in connection with your reservation. Possibility of cancellation depends on the conditions of the chosen rate at the time of booking. If the rate conditions allow cancellations, this must be made no later than 18:00 local time on the arrival day. Exceptions apply if agreed at the time of booking. If you fail to arrive without cancelling in advance or if you cancel after 18:00 local time, you will be charged for one night. If the hotel has incurred costs specifically related to your booking, you must reimburse these.
Early departure and open-ended stays
If you have made a reservation for a definite time period, but depart before the end of that period, you are required to pay the same amount as for a late cancellation. In addition to the price for the time you stayed at the hotel, you are required to pay for an additional night.

If you are staying at the hotel for an undetermined length of time, and extend your stay one night at a time, you must inform the hotel of your departure by 6 pm at the latest the day before your departure. Otherwise, you are required to pay for an additional night.
If the hotel can no longer allow you disposal of the room, you have the right to be informed by 6 pm at the latest the day before departure.

Obligations of the Hotel
If the hotel cannot offer you a room according to agreement, you have the right, at no additional cost, to a room of equal or better quality at the hotel.

Your Own Wishes
Please specify your wishes when making a reservation to be certain that the hotel is equipped according to your requirements and can prepare for your arrival in the best possible way.
All rooms at Stenungsbaden Yacht Club are non-smoking. If a guest breaches the smoking ban, the hotel is entitled to charge the guest for ensuing costs.
If you wish to bring a pet, please make this clear at the time of booking.
Technical equipment
If you need any special technical equipment, you should inform the hotel well in advance of your arrival. This is required in order for your wishes to be met to the fullest of the hotel’s capabilities.
If you have special food requirements (vegetarian, gluten free, etc.), please inform the hotel when making reservations.

Booking fee and prepayment
The hotel has the right to request a booking fee or other payment in advance to secure your reservation. This amount is deducted from the final bill. If you cancel the room after the cancellation deadline, the hotel is entitled to retain the booking fee / advance payment.

Payment in advance is required for certain room rates, in other cases the hotel bill is to be paid when you receive it, which is usually when you arrive at the hotel.Read the detailed rate information. The hotel accept the most common credit/debit cards. However, the hotel is not obliged to accept credit/debit cards, cheques, vouchers or foreign currency unless the hotel has volunteered to do so.

Registration of foreign hotel guests
According to the Swedish Aliens Ordinance, the managers of hotels are obliged to make sure that foreigners provide information about themselves on personally signed registration forms. The National Police Board may issue regulations on what information shall be provided. The foreigner shall confirm his or her identity by producing a valid identity document. These rules are based on the Schengen agreement within the EU.

Storage of valuables and luggage
The hotel is legally entitled, as security in a claim against a guest, to retain luggage and in certain circumstances, in line with set rules, to sell it. Your valuables can naturally be stored in the hotel's safety deposit boxes. Do not leave luggage unattended in the lobby. The hotel can store your luggage in its locked luggage room. We offer a storage with increased security service, but cannot be held responsible for the stored property. If the key to the safety deposit box should be lost, the holder of the deposit box cosequently becomes reliable for the associated charge. The hotel is not obliged to store property of high value. The hotel has no strict responsibility for property that you keep in your hotel room.
Storage of Valuables and Baggage

Your own Safety
We are certified by Safe Hotels. Always note where the emergency exits, alarm buttons and fire extinguishers are located. Check the information on the back of your hotel room door. Visita and the Swedish Fire Protection Association have in cooperation put together the information folder “Hotel Safety”. Please read it – for your own safety.