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Three course menu

For those of you who have booked one of our packages which includes dinner, we have developed a three-course-menu that is inspired by the Nordic and the American cuisine, see below. Valid for up to 8 people. If you are a larger groups, please contact us. If you want special food, there are no problems, but we need to know in good time before arrival.


From November 3, 2021


Seafood salad with bleak roe, sherry vinaigrette & crispbread
Shrimps, blue mussels, bleak roe, sherry vinaigrette, chervil, crispbread & dillmayo



Oven Baked cod loin with browned butter, horseradish & beetroot
Oven Baked cod loin with browned butter, horseradish, capers, beetroot, boiled potatoes, dill & lemon


Grilled filet of beef with red wine sauce & sweet potato fries
Grilled filet of beef, sauteed kale, red cabbage & carrot, truffle parsnip purée, red wine sauce, sweet potato fries & smoked seaweed salt


Roasted butternut pumpkin with jerusalem artichoke & goat cheese
Roasted jerusalem artichoke, butternut pumpkin with pumpkin seeds, truffle parsnip purée, Pinot noir jus goat cheese & jalapeño oil



Valrhona milk chocolate creme with cloudberry
Milk chocolate creme with cloudberry jam & chocolate crisp