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Summer in Bohuslän

Half an hour from Gothenburg, Bohuslän’s wonderful summer pearl awaits you with the Stenungsbaden Yacht Club. An appreciated destination for summer enthusiasts since the salt-splashed gates to the hotel by the sea were opened in 1963. A lovely retreat for friends, families and couples who want to socialize in a nice way in beautiful surroundings. Here you live right on the Bohuslän beach shore and are never further than a stone’s throw from the west coast’s salt baths, expansive views and good food. Here are all possibilities for good hanging, comfortable relaxation and to create really nice memories. A destination for anyone who loves to enjoy life.

Summer days with us are something extra special. It is probably because the air here is clearer, the sea saltier, the rocks warmer, the horizon more beautiful and the activities more relaxed. And the fact that Bohuslän has been told that it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, has made us gone and become a bit cocky. CNN has named Bohuslän to the world’s seventh most beautiful wilderness area!

Båtluffa i Bohuslän

vælkommen ombord!

The Bohuslän archipelago is something special.
Where the mainland ends, a whole new world begins. A world of water, islands and small picturesque fishing communities. In order for you to experience the archipelago for real there is regular traffic at sea, along the entire coast. In this way you can swim on Brännö, walk on Marstrand or eat a romantic dinner in Fiskebäckskil. And get lovely boat trips in between. Bring your bike, kayak, family, friend or your latest date. There is a boat slope for everyone. Timetables and tips on itineraries can be found at båtluffaibohuslän.se

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a projekt of Turistrådet Västsverige

In Bohuslän there are lots of exciting things to experience. In the midst of salty splashes and soft granite cliffs, you can get acquainted with endangered animals from all over the world, enjoy world-class art, explore the West Sea life, visit a 19th-century coastal community and travel back to the Bronze Age. And much more. Expedition Bohuslän is an exciting round trip in Bohuslän for all ages. Especially if you like adventures, knowledge and learning new things

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Car-free island

Narrow alleys with white wooden houses, a bustling pier life and bathing areas next to  rock hills. The car-free island, Käringön, far out in the Bohuslän archipelago, is certainly a place that provides its visitors with a sea-near calm and memorable experiences. of a wild and barren nature. Along the pier, there is constant activity, people who shop in the well-stocked grocery store, the fish shop or in the small summer-open stores.

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dare you swim with them?

Seal- Bohusläns county landscape animal. Do you want to get some pulse? Treat yourself to a seal safari, sea fishing, lobster, craw or crab fishing. Tom on Tom’s boat trips solves most things or Gunnars bottripps

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10 i topp

wonderful holiday

There are many reasons to love Bohuslän! The Tourist Board of West Sweden has picked out their favorites!

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Food & Drinks

Our fantastic region has wonderful restaurants ranging from modern new thinking like restaurant Vatten to taking a coffee in Mias Sjöbod.To not mention our own summer restaurant Koookaburra – imagine a boathouse right by the seafront. Below are some tips on our favorites!

Salt & Sill

with the waves as a company

Salt & Sills's restaurant has one of the west coast's absolute best locations. You can eat on the jetty and if you choose to sit inside there is a spectacular wive.

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Are you craving a nice burger? Tony's is located in the middle of Stenungsund's square and makes all the burgers from scratch. Here you can sit for a long time and enjoy a nice environment and drink good local beer!

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delicacies of the sea

Enjoy their menus as they put freshly caught fish in focus and cherish fine ingredients from the local origin. With sea and rocks as a company - there may not be much more Bohuslän than this!

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sun & bath

Here you will find tips on some bathing beaches in our surroundings


More tips

for the curious

Here you will find more tips to do!




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