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Here you will find lovely body treatments for everything from head to toe.

FOOT TREATMENT 50 MIN | 975:- (discount price Monday – Thursday 875:-)
A warm foot bath followed by removal of calluses, finished with nail care and moisturizing foot treatment.


FOOT CURE 20 MIN | 575:- (discount price Monday – Thursday 475:-)
A lovely treatment which includes foot bath, foot scrub and foot massage.


BODY SCRUBS 50 MIN | 975:- (discount price Monday – Thursday 875:-)
The treatment begins with a body peeling with aha acid and is followed by a moisturizing body wrap. In the meantime, you get a rejuvenating facial which includes cleansing, peeling, facial massage and a facial mask. The body scrub is finished with a nourishing, moisture treatment of the body and face.


SLIM-CELLULITE DETOX SOLUTION 50 MIN | 975:- (discount price Monday – Thursday 875:-)
A personalized experience that targets and shapes problem areas by focusing on the treatment of cellulite.


A BIT OF EVERYTHING 50 MIN | 975:- (discount price Monday – Thursday 875:-)
A lovely body scrub followed by upper body massage and facial cleansing. For those who want a bit of everything.


EXPECTING MOTHER 80 MIN | 1675 KR incl. body oil (discounted price Monday – Thursday 1575:- except holidays)
Perfect for the soon to be mothers! Nice massage for the whole body with special oil that tightens and counteracts stretch marks. A wrap on her stomach that nourishes and moisturizes the skin as well extra care for feet and calves. After the treatment, you keep the oil to take home with you!



LEG & BIKINI | 875:-
WHOLE LEG | 755:-
HALF LEG | 430:-


Think of!
Notify when booking if you are pregnant, taking any medicine or have any illnesses that can affect your treatment.