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Pass Description

Endorphins 60 min

The pass that always surprises! Here you need to bring clothes for both indoors and outdoors for right as it is are we outdoors! A fun, fast-paced hour that mixes all possible forms of exercise, everyone can participate with their own abilities!

Boxing / Box 60 min

With gloves and misses, you pass through this fun hour, with different combinations of punches and kicks. We also use sandbags. So let out your inner fighter!!

Hiit 30 min

Circle based, high intensity workout where only you set the limit yourself, the pulse will rise and then come down. Here we recharge for climb again. we promise to push you !!Tips from the coach: Warm up before the pass 5-10 min is enough.

Water training 50 min / 30 min

Mobility / Strength / Fitness training in water. With or without gear with the water as resistance and help. Pure exercise joy and great for the body. These training might be tough so don’t forget to drink before you start and after.

Saunaritual 45 min

A sauna activity that provides, as well as a wonderful experience and mental relaxation, also an ultimate detox with anti-aging effect, renewed energy, increased blood circulation, increased fat burning and a strong immune system. A MUST when you visit us !!

Yoga 60 min / 75 min

Pick up the calm. With different yoga movements and positions, we focus on balancing the body and deep breathing. Relaxing and soothing, we release everyday life and focus on ourselves.


Finding harmony with different breathing exercises, you get a guided experience that can contribute to peace and well-being.

Functional exercise 45 min / 60 min

Group training where you train your entire body with your body, to move as optimally as possible in everyday life. Strength, stability, mobility and balance are trained. There is explosive and pulse-raising elements as well as simple tools for you to be able to train at your level and feel that your particular body responds to the exercise.

Basic training 45 min
Here we focus on training exercises and its movement patterns. You are often arranged in circles or stations.

Core/ Surprice 60 min

A workout where we work a lot with different core exercises. The central zone of our body. A workout that consists of interwoven exercises that strengthen our body and help us with both posture and everyday life Pulse-raising “surprice” activities make our heart muscles work a l

Girl phys / box 45 minittle extra.

A sweaty and fun pass for girls of all ages and levels. Box exercises are mixed with different forms of exercise, you put the bar, hang on!!

Lunch training 45 min
Circle / Station training that trains throughout the body during lunchtime. If it is nice weather, we do it outdoors otherwise indoors.

Friday phys
Here we will  sweat and laugh before Friday night 🙂 May be outside or inside. Obstacle course is close at hand here so rugged clothes for this workout is to recommend

High intensity (hiit)
If it is high-intensity on the pass you book, it is just that. Be prepared to train a little harder for a little shorter time! Are you unsure if you can handle high intensity? Come and try and talk to your instructor. We are here for you!

Running exercise 45 min

We train running steps / intervals of various kinds, drive a little trail and mix with running strength.

Intensive Boxing

Be prepared for a tougher box workout, dare to challenge yourself !! Awesome fun and sweaty! 45 mins “All in”.

Cross Country 75 min
Outdoor training on different surfaces, functional training with a lot of power Obstacle course can occur. Clothes after weather.