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Fantastic bathing areas with both sandy beaches and cliffs can be found in Southern Bohuslän. What is better than a lovely day on the beach with crab fishing and salty dip, or a refreshing evening dip

Here we have some tips on bathing areas in our area

HAWAII  – you can walk from Stenungsbaden
Hawaii beach are one of the biggest beaches in Södra Bohusläns . Here you will find sandy beach, cliffs, bathing jetty, jumping tower, play equipment, beach volleyball, kiosk and toilet. Handicap accessible. Good parking facilities. From the parking place it is 50-200 meters to the bath.
KATTEVIK BEACH – Bathing place at Orust, Mollösund 
Here you will found jump tower, docks and swimming school. When you are in the harbor of Mollösund you go west over the mountain on the footpath to Kattevik’s child-friendly bathing area.
In Mollösund it is limited with parking spaces.
LINNEVIKENS BADPLATS – Kyrkesund, Bathing place on Tjörn
The bathing area has a sandy beach, floating dock, toilet and good parking facilities. The bathroom is suitable for families with children as there is a shallow sandy beach. The bathroom is partially accessible with a handicap staircase. Bath is only done on the right part of the bridge

We don’t just have sea but lake as well. Lovely Hællungen with several bathing areas is just under a mile away, surrounded by dense forest.