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60 year anniversary – Stenungsbaden

Since 1963, Stenungsbaden has been a destination for meetings, relaxation, dance and laughter. We are very proud of that. Being by the sea is something very special and we are very happy that we have been able to share it with our guests over the years.

When the anniversary will be celebrated, it is then old! Therefore, we have decided to celebrate our 60 years throughout 2023 through activities linked to our hotel’s history. Here we have gathered all information you will need about each month’s theme, wonderful happenings and offers.

We look forward to celebrating 60 past years with you, and look forward to many more. We meet at Stenungsbaden.

- The Prelude -

Stenungsbaden's 60th anniversary is officially underway! Are you ready? During the first month of the year, we take advantage of the winter darkness and recharge our batteries with our Midnight Spa.

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- Seaweed Season -

Seaweed is an obvious part of our DNA. What could be better than a month completely dedicated to the green gold of the sea? Come and feast on the seaweed in a number of delightful ways!

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- The Meeting -

The meeting with others, with the sea, with colleagues – yes, even the meeting with yourself. In March, we celebrate the meeting with everything from yoga sessions to AW evenings.

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- Back to the roots -

Since the start, our hotel has been a place filled with dancing and joy. In April, we celebrate our roots with the return of a legendary nightclub!

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- USA -

Stenungsbaden is a mix of all the best from Sweden and the USA. In May, we are filling the house with everything that belongs to America, including Bubbles & Brunch!

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- Kookaburra -

No summer without Kookaburra. When our harbor restaurant opens, we can officially inaugurate the best time of the year. Come and toast the summer with us and take part in our packed program!

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- The Sea -

There is something special about the sea. In July, we lead you into the height of summer with all the lures of the sea, from Bryggrock and shellfish feasts to Bryggchill extra in our spa.

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- America's Cup -

Much of our identity and history is based on the legendary America's Cup sailing competition. In August we celebrate sailing with Tjörn runt activities and we have our yearly summer's big concert, this time with Thomas Stenström and Miss Li!

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- Exercise -

Who said you need peace and quiet to relax? In our active range, you just have to pick and choose among the training forms. In September, we max out with new training sessions and a solid PT range.

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- Birthday Party -

In October, there will be a party all month long. Since 1963, Stenungsbaden has been the destination for travellers in search of great emotions. We will bring that with grand parties and offers throughout the hotel!

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- Spa -

An eventful year requires world-class relaxation. Relax in our steamy sauna landscape, start the day with an ice dip in the sea or treat yourself to a beneficial treatment in the winter darkness.

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- A Christmas by the sea -

Deck the halls with boughs of holly… In December, Christmas is celebrated and at Stenungsbaden we celebrate in the traditional way with a Christmas table, laughter and dancing!

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60 years by the sea Our History

We all have our own story; a history that has shaped us through life's experiences and events. Stenungsbaden has a lively, exciting history behind it which is coloured by the sea, our guests and of course Stenungsund. Here you can read about who we were, what we learned, how we developed, who we are today and what plans we have for the future. We look forward to continuing to write the book about Stenungsbaden - together with our fantastic guests, employees and partners.

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